About Us

At Gin Gin Landcare, our objective is to provide affordable native plants for local and state regeneration and conservation projects.  


Meet the Committee


Ray Johnson

During the last 8 years, with Ray as president, much has been accomplished.  However, he will be the first to admit it’s been a joint effort with much help from community, council, individuals, and Landcare members that have made it what it is today.

Vice President

Vic Vysma

Vic has been a resident of the area for many years and has a long association with Landcare. Vic is always ready to support projects; attend meetings; help at the nursery; and take responsibility for Saturday morning openings.


Sarah Bashforth

Sarah has recently been elected to the important position of treasurer. With a background in banking and customer relations skills it is a privilege to have her as part of the team.



Evergreen has been an active volunteer with Gin Gin Landcare for the last 8 years.  She has held the role of treasurer for the last seven years before confidently handing over to Sarah.  Most of those years she has also help the role of secretary.  

Evergreen has been an integral part of Gin Gin Landcare, passionate about our community and a sustainable eco-system.